Compliance & Assurance

Clarity and compliance for industry regulation and corporate standards

Your Challenges

Our specialist experts provide tailored claims, coverholder or technical audits, in multiple languages, with tangible recommendations from practitioners in your field. This is not a tick-box exercise using contractors; we’re not just auditors, we’re a team of experts who you get direct access to speak with through the process. 

We are a fully accredited Lloyd’s auditor; so, whether you’re an insurer, reinsurer, broker, insuretech or MGA, we can audit your in-house and third-party specialist insurance operations to ensure they meet both regulatory and your own corporate standards.

"I would give your auditors 10/10 and commend them for their common sense and no-nonsense approach. Many thanks for creating a smooth and painless audit!”

A Lloyd's Managing Agent & their Coverholder

Our Approach

We deliver insights and recommendations beyond the standard Lloyd's report and we can do so in multiple territories and languages.

Our audit team operates independently from Pro’s other operations and recognises that potential conflicts of interest may occur in the process of conducting their business. Pro’s audit team therefore follow the company’s requirements to effectively identify, monitor and manage conflicts as outlined in the Conflict of Interest Management Statement.

Our Solutions

Regulatory Standards

Customer Outcomes/Fairness

Third Party compliance

Security or Cyber Threats

Operational Resilience

Claims Peer Reviews

Acquisition Due Diligence

The Principles for doing business at Lloyd’s


Do you have an audit need you want to chat over? Not sure if we’re the right audit partner to help you? 

We definitely tailor our audits so it’s worth contacting our Head of Audit for an initial chat:

Pervin Sivanathan
Group Head of Audit & Advisory

Specialist Expertise delivered how you need it

We can focus our expertise on creating value for you in the way that’s most helpful to you.
We have specialist subject matter experts who can work with you in different capacities to achieve your goals.

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