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Your Challenges

In today's complex business environment, companies face a range of challenges that can detract from their key business goals. From employee distraction to financial constraints and regulatory deadlines, businesses need to work smarter, not harder, in order to achieve more for less.

At Pro Global we have an expert team supported by a range of digital services dedicated to delivering efficiency through robotics, automation and software solutions.

Our Approach

At the heart of our commitment to delivering high quality solutions to our clients lies our in-house technology.

Unlike traditional software offerings, our solutions enable us to enhance our outsourced service proposition to our clients. This unique approach allows us to seamlessly integrate advanced technology into our service propositions enabling us to enhance both the efficiency and the quality of service we provide to our clients.


In an era where 57% of SMEs worry that big business RPA adoption might push them out of the market, Propel Automation stands as a beacon. Discover the difference digital transformation can make to your business.

Turbo-charge your underwriting performance and optimise your analyst’s time with our data cleansing services, powered our custom-built data cleansing tool for exposure management. 

"I think people start to panic when you use words like bot, robot and robotic process and think robots will take over human jobs. But it's really not the case. The standard now is to have thee kinds of things working alongside people rather than replacing people, and that's what we've managed to achieve so far".

A global expert in electrical specialities and advanced materials for high-tech industries.


Find out more about how Pro Global's  extensive digital and automation services can support you and your business work smarter not harder.

Contact our Head of Digital Services for an initial chat:

Louisa Pavis
Head of Digital Services

Specialist Expertise delivered how you need it

We can focus our expertise on creating value for you in the way that’s most helpful to you.
We have over <#> specialist subject matter experts who can work with you in different capacities to achieve your goals:

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