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Broker Services Overview

In the competitive global broking marketplace, Pro’s Broker Services team provides a comprehensive suite of technical operational support services.

We understand that brokers of all sizes face challenges with resourcing, policy management, and maintaining operational resilience as they scale. Larger brokers also grapple with specific issues such as resource constraints and system migrations.

Our dedicated team is constantly on the lookout for innovative perspectives, ideas, and digital solutions to address the key issues and challenges faced by our broker clients.

We provide global support across various services in the insurance industry, including Accident & Health, Construction, and Cyber Security. Our primary focus is to assist our clients in achieving their goals, through outcome driven relationships and support.

Key Features

Bespoke services tailored to our client’s needs, delivered by market experts.

Front End Support

ensuring optimal performance

Premium Processing

swift process

Process transformation

including the introduction of digital assistance

IBA and Credit Control

work hand in hand to maintain insurance industry

Claims administration and triage

accurate resolution

Our Services

Premium processing

The experts at Pro have focused in on premium processing as a key pain point for mid to large sized brokers, and we offer comprehensive professional support in the following areas:

  • Policy update, including adding interests and warranties, contract certainty, schedule information
  • Addition or deletion of underwriting group, addition or amendments of interests, taxes and fees, market splits and updating risk sharing commission;
  • Process premium, premium interests, taxes and fees, preparation and process of payment schedules;
  • Creation, generation and submission of London Premium Advice Notes (LPANs) for Bureau and underwriting closings for Non-Bureau
  • Mid-term adjustments or endorsement processing: non-premium endorsements, internal adjustments and creation of non-client transactions;
  • Issuance of invoices to clients where instructed and closing to underwriters;
  • Query resolution – Xchanging, IBA, Front End and Claims
  • Reporting – volumes, SLAs, query log
Claims administration and triage

We have significant experience in managing and improving all aspects of claims administration and triage in partnership with brokers. As the leading re/insurance trusted advisor, we apply our knowledge of best practice and perspective on the common pain points we see to ensure excellence in claims throughout the administration lifecycle:

First Notification of Loss (FNOL)

  • Process first Advice to client and Market systems (CLASS and IMR)
  • Handle Market responses and liaise with client/TPA
  • Produce and issue non-bureau Market documents

 Interim Advices

  • Process interim Advice to Client and Market systems (CLASS and IMR)
  • Handle Market responses and liaise with client/TPA
  • Produce and issue non-bureau Market documents
  • Following Lead approval, process to Client and Market systems and non-bureau market documents for settlement

Complex claims

  • On receipt of claim notification, identify risk, review coverage, prepare claims file
  • Update/maintain client and Market claims records
  • Produce and present claims information insurers/reinsurers. Handle instructions and queries
  • Monitor/handle insurers’ responses, agreement and payment to beneficiary
  • Build meaningful relationships with insureds, experts and insurers
  • Resolve queries with regard to collection/payment of funds and cash allocation
Insurance Broking Accounts (IBA)

Managing and reconciling Insurance Broking Accounts is a critical function for brokers that is central to ensuring the efficient use of capital, rapid payment of all valid claims and compliant cash allocation. The experts at Pro are here to help in the following areas:

Insurer IBA

  • Bureau Payments to/ from Bureau Markets
  • Release delinked signings
  • Raise, follow up and track queries that are preventing the release of signings to resolution
  • Reconciliation of signings versus the IBA transactions
  •  RP Credit Control
  • Non-Bureau Premium and Claim Payments to/from non-Bureau Markets
  • Payment of all PPWs to Underwriters on receipt
  • Payment of all other payable Premiums to non-bureau insurers
  • RP Credit Control
  • Cash Allocation
  • Reconciliation and allocation of all incoming/outgoing cash
  • Close liaison with Premium Processing, Claims and Front End teams to resolve unallocated cash
  • Unallocated cash monitoring and reporting

Client IBA

  • Credit Control
  • Rendering statements
  • Debt monitoring and chasing
  • Cash Allocation
  • Reconciliation and allocation of all incoming/outgoing cash
  • Close liaison with Premium Processing team, Claims teams and Front End teams to resolve unallocated cash
  • Unallocated cash monitoring and reporting
  • Reporting
  • Focus on aged debt, top debtors, unallocated cash
Legacy processing

Legacy books of business require efficient and compliant management, but brokers can sometimes struggle to allocate the right resources to this function, particularly when live business is growing. Pro has rich experience in managing legacy business and improving processes to realise the most efficient run-off and financial closure of a book, recovering funding and uncollected brokerage and resolving aged, outstanding technical transactions and cash. 

Other services we offer in this area include:

  • Technical accounting of legacy books of business​
  • Legacy claims handling​
  • Recovery of funding and uncollected brokerage​
  • Unallocated cash resolution
  • Focused run-off of discontinued lines of business
Unallocated Cash Clearance

The underlying structure of an insurance business can create an unallocated cash problem, either through manual allocation and mismatches caused by system constraints, ineffective accounting, and/or legacy system migrations. Pro Global can deliver cash clarity through its three -step resolve, remodel and maintain approach, and improve overall liquidity.

For more information about services in this area, please follow the link below:

Unallocated Cash

Benefits of Broker Services

Pro’s teams offer a unique blend of expert and technician level resource, enhanced by digital assistance to genuinely transform broker support and technical accounting processes. Our Broker Services provide operational excellence and resilience to deliver improved outcomes.

Focus on Growth: The need to manage operational support services is eliminated.

Expert Handling of Exceptions: Pro’s technical experts are on hand to manage exceptions, ensuring smooth operations.

Reduced Distractions: Allows clients to devote more time and resources to their core business functions and client relationships.

Increased Accuracy and Speed: The introduction of digital assistance enhances operational efficiency.

Our Broker Services team offer a broad range of expertise and with the global insurance broker market continuing to grow year-on-year, it’s a key area of focus for Pro and one which plays to our strengths as a trusted outsource partner.

Dani Rosser - Head of Broker Services

Our Digital Services

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