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Financial and Technical Accounting Overview

Accelerating cash flow, maximising reinsurance recoveries, releasing redundant reserves or recovering bad debt all benefit your bottom line. We have the highly specialised resource you need to resolve problems or to provide flexible ongoing support.

Pro can build out a flexible technical accounting solution that will make meeting regulatory requirements more cost effective.

Services include intermediary support, credit control and financial accounting.

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Our Services

Credit Control & IBA

Capital efficiency is crucial in today’s market. Effective collection practices lead to enhanced cash flow management and efficient capital reallocation. We can help you maximise your premium and reinsurance assets by speeding up debt collection with specialist professionals to complement existing credit control and IBA teams, or we can provide a team to manage it under pre-agreed service levels.

Other services we offer in this area include:

  • Billings, statements and collection
  • Bank reconciliation and cash matching
  • Aged debt reviews and reporting
  • Bad debt and broker trapped cash recovery
  • Commutations.
Unallocated Cash Clearance

The underlying structure of an insurance business can create an unallocated cash problem, either through manual allocation and mismatches caused by system constraints, ineffective accounting, and/or legacy system migrations. Pro Global can deliver cash clarity through its three -step resolve, remodel and maintain approach, and improve overall liquidity.

For more information about services in this area, please follow the link below:

Unallocated Cash

Other services we offer in this area include:

  • Legacy system migrations
  • Inherited unallocated cash through M&A
  • Better controls and unallocated cash monitoring
  • Unallocated cash resolution designing and testing new processes.
Technical Ceded Reinsurance

Every Insurer wants to maximise their reinsurance assets but not all of them make it happen. Through the effective management of your reinsurance programmes Pro can accelerate recovery and help you get the most out of your reinsurance assets. Our experts have experience of a wide range of reinsurance systems and a proven track record in resolving technical reinsurance issues through forensic audit and analysis to identify any missed reinsurance and process improvement.

Other services we offer in this area include:

  • Review and reconstruction of reinsurance programmes
  • dispute resolution
  • day-to-day calculation, processing and billing
  • reconstruction of client or broker files
  • commutations.
Broker & Intermediary Support

Our broker support services free you up to work on core revenue-generating activities, all while improving your customer experience. We can help with technical processing through to settlement, as well as management insight and compliance.

Other services we offer in this area include:

  • Finance and compliance support
  • Virtual broker offerings
  • Flexible systems implementation
  • Process monitoring
  • Data cleansing
  • Client money handling (CASS5)

Informed and supported by our Digital and Audit services.

Technical & Financial Audits

As one of the largest providers of audit services to the Lloyd’s and Company markets, our team has practical experience in underwriting, technical accounting/finance, claims adjusting, IT and compliance. We can help you implement and maintain an effective assurance framework and audit programme.

For more information about services in this area, please follow the link below:

Audit Services

Country-specific Specialist Solutions

We know that different markets can have different specialisms. We’ve spent 28 years tailoring our specialist expertise for multiple markets and languages.


Here at Pro Global we can help build out a flexible technical accounting solution for you, that will make meeting regulatory requirements more cost effective.

We provide a highly specialised resource,  that will help you resolve specific issues you are facing, or provide flexible ongoing support.

Get in touch now and let's talk more about how we can work together.

Richard Emmett
Head of Insurance Services, UK

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