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Welcome to Pro Global: Latin America

We know that different insurance markets require different specialisms. Every territory has its own regulatory and compliance landscape and unique risks. That’s why we have spent 28 years tailoring our specialist expertise for multiple markets and languages.

Pro Global has been operating in Latin America since 1999. We have local experts in both the regulatory landscape and the specialist insurance policies that are unique to the backed by the global reach to support multi-territory operations. We use our expertise to advise, implement, outsource or audit your insurance operation wherever you trade.

On this page you will find details of the services specific to the LatAm region only.

For more details of our broader global services, across policy admin, claims management and technical accounting, click here or simply contact us for a chat.

LatAm Specific Services

SECTOR ART: Lider: Cintia Atay

The Workers Comp (ART) department has been operating in Pro Global Buenos Aires for over 3 years. Our dedicated staff of 17 professionals, includes lawyers, medical doctors and administrative employees.

We operate in the City of Buenos Aires, and depending on our clients’ needs, we can provide services in other Argentina locations.

We provide different services to our Workers Comp Insurers Companies (ART) in projects, such as:

  1. Medical evaluations and negotiation of indemnity agreements;
  2. Attendance to indemnity agreements hearings in Medical Commissions;
  3. Support (ART) with respect  to Resolution 20/2021 SRT (workers medical evaluation and indemnity negotiation);
  4. Covid and Non-Covid Telemedicine for ART;
  5. Outsourcing of resources.
SECTOR P&C : Lider: Sabrina Nieto

The claims P&C department has been operating in Pro for more than 6 years and our dedicated professional staff of 8 includes lawyers and administrative employees.

We provide different services to local Insurers in projects, such as:

  1. Management and negotiation of Mediations claims (motor and other lines of business);
  2. Management and negotiation of Third-Party Claims (motor and other lines of business);
  3. Obtaining Claims advices from policyholders;
  4. Outsourcing of resources (i.e.: claims analysts, data entry), among others.

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Buenos Aires

Argentina — Buenos Aires

Pro Global
Reconquista 559 Piso 8
(C1003 ABK)
Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires
Buenos Aires

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Tel: +54 11 4312 8600
Fax: +54 11 4312 8884


Perú — Lima

Pro Global
Representative Office
La Habana 440 San Isidro

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Tel: +511 994026696
Fax: +51 1 440 4302


Colombia — Bogotá.

Pro Global
Representative Office
CONECTUM - Gestión de Proyectos Ltda.
Carrera 5 No. 71-45. Oficina 401
Bogotá, Colombia

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Tel: +57 1 317 7289
Fax: +57 1 317 7295

Sao Paulo

Brazil — Sao Paulo.

Pro Insurance Solutions Consultaria Empresarial Limitada
Av. Ibirapuera 2033, 8th Floor, Room 81,
Indianópolis, São Paulo, Brazil
ZIP 04.029-901

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Tel: +5511 4783 1116